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RPD for Oracle - Rapid Process Development and Debugging with Oracle BPEL


People at Work Systems’ RPD is a pluggable toolset which completes your Oracle JDeveloper® BPEL development environment. RPD for Oracle is available for both Oracle 10g and Oracle 11g and helps you to drastically increase your productivity with Oracle BPEL projects, helps you to save time and money, and helps you to in-crease the BPEL/XML code quality.


BPEL is a young Standard
While Oracle JDeveloper® and Oracle BPEL Process Manager® are state-of-the-art environments, using them to create BPEL business processes can still be a very challenging task. When the complexity of the business processes exceeds simple “Hello World” type of implementations this fact becomes obvious - especially in big projects. On the one hand this is due to the fact that BPEL 1.1 itself imposes some limitations and on the other hand the currently available BPEL toolsets have not yet reached the maturity level of today’s Java® development environments

Project Challenges

In real-life projects some of the challenges above turn out to be significant time sinks. When a “normal” devel-opment iteration (pls. see last bullet point above) takes minutes - even without any debugging activities – this sums up to a huge amount of (lost) time, even in a medium-sized development team. If debugging is needed and all the developer has are log-files (or graphical representations of those) and e.g. the development tool tells him or her an XML variable has changed, this is not of much help when this XML variable consists of 500 lines or more and the relevant data items have to be located manually. Furthermore, if test cases need to be created manually as well, or developers cannot work offline, etc. - all of this adds to project time consumption.

Moreover, in big productive projects it is not always possible to increase the BPEL server's log level at any time. RPD for Oracle BPEL allows to download complete process intances from the server and to run and analyze them locally.

RPD for Oracle User Interface

The RPD for Oracle user interface is feature-rich and intuitive, allowing drill-downs at a whole variety of places so that developers can easily and comfortably test and debug their BPEL processes.

The design of RPD for Oracle derives from experiences that were made in large-scale Oracle BPEL projects with a significant number of developers, hundreds of business processes, and very large XML constructs. It has proven to be robust and of significant value for developers creating business processes using the Oracle BPEL environment, to drastically decrease cycle times for BPEL test iterations, and to fundamentally speed up the debug-ging process.

RPD for Oracle Overview
RPD for Oracle was created to cope with the most important limitations above and to facilitate a less time consuming and easier BPEL development process with a higher resulting code quality. RPD is a plugin for the Oracle JDeveloper® and is built around an own BPEL interpreter / emulator which runs locally on the developer’s workstation. It incorporates most of the current BPEL 1.1 standard as well as Oracle’s BPEL extensions.
Comprehensive Audit Trail
Drill-down Analyses of Process Instances
Automated Creation of valid XML Test Files
Assisted Custom XML Generation
Download of complete process instances from Oracle server for local execution and analysis
Command Line Interface
Seamless integration into Oracle JDeveloper®

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